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The main central section of what now the Barnaby Inn was built sometime prior to the turn of the century. That doesn’t mean “this” century, or even last century, it means the one before that. It was built as far as we can tell in the late 1700’s, That old section has been added on to and changed and updated so many times over the centuries that it is hard to tell what came when. We do know that the home was occupied in the Abraham Lincoln’s time by the Reverend James Barnaby, four time pastor of the nearby First Baptist Church of West Harwich for total of 36 years between 1822 and 1877. We don’t know when exactly the property first started to be used as a rest stop for weary travelers, but it has a long history in that regard. The late Arthur Perkins, local resident and historian, told of delivering groceries there “when Bessie Rogers ran the place in the twenties”. We do know it was operated as the “Wayside Inn” for many years. At one time it was known as the “Red House Inn”, and has probably had other names over the years.

In recent history (1980’s) the Barnaby Inn was run as a true Inn with a renowned full service restaurant, and four pretty adequate guest rooms. 

Not long after that the Barnaby Inn was purchased by local Harwich resident. After extensive renovations and new septic system, with four original guest rooms totally revamped, each with a modern private bath, the dining room space was converted into two deluxe guest rooms, each has fireplace and whirlpool tub for two.

Since then the Barnaby Inn Bed & Breakfast has been providing hospitality to visitors across all walks of life and from all over the globe, the welcoming, clean, comfortable, cozy and quiet inn is the perfect place for you to relax after a day’s activity, speaking of activity, the Barnaby Inn is centrally located in the middle of Cape Cod and is close to all the cape cod has to offer.


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Barnaby Inn

36 Route 28

West Harwich, MA02671

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